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I am publishing this site at the beginning of 2013 with about thirty different 'portfolios' to start. They represent but a fraction of my forty years (so far) of photographing everyone and everything, everywhere I happen to be (almost). There will be much more to come. 

In planning the site I tried to fit the various groups into neat conventional categories (Portraits, Nature, Architecture, etc.) but found it impossible to do, as most of the work defies simple categorization. Consequently, I have decided to present the different portfolios randomly on the Index Page through Thumbnail Gateways.

All portfolios are either a series that takes place as a single event, or one that represents a certain subject over a period of time. Every portfolio showcases but a representative sample of the full body of work, which in many cases may contain hundreds and even thousands of photographs each.

Enjoy and please be aware that all images and videos are my copyright; when possible, exceptions are noted.  Thank you.

© 2012 Lucien Samaha