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Tunnel Crawlers

November / December 1997

I did a stint as the Tunnel's Bathroom DJ in the late 1990's.  Due to the phenomenon of bathroom partying that started in the mid 80's, the Tunnel, one of New York's largest mega-clubs with dozens of dance floors, and the world's most renowned DJs, built a lounge with its own bar and DJ booth in the expansive bathroom floor. They hired me to do a "lounge" set on Saturday nights which I called Mondo Sparkle. My DJ booth was on a thoroughfare which everyone had to use to go to the bathroom. The door to the booth was one of those with a hinged upper part, which I kept open. I took advantage of these conditions to photograph passers by. My residency at the Tunnel lasted only a couple of months.  Here's a selection of images scanned from cross-processed color reversal film.