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I have been photographing for most of my life, since around 1973.  My archive currently consists of over a million digital assets in the form of photographs and videos. Approximately 40% of these digital files correspond to analog sources in the form of black-and-white and color negatives, color reversal slides, as well as silver gelatin and chromogenic prints, dye sublimation prints, and various other forms of prints made from now obsolete technologies.

It is my preference to maintain my archives in chronological order, although that is not always possible nor accurate when it comes to the earlier negatives and slides from circa 1995 and back. Nevertheless I very much enjoy using forensics to determine unknown dates, at least up to the month or season of a particular year, using anything from Daytimer Organizer entries, invoices, Airline ticket stubs, and not least clues from the images themselves, such as calendars on walls, magazine covers, and even movie posters.


It is Christmas morning.  I am in Meridá, the capital of the state of Yucatan, in Mexico, visiting my sister who lives here with her family and who owns a lovely bed-n-breakfast, Hotel MedioMundo. But since this is high season and the hotel is full, my sister, her daughter and I are guests at the beautiful home of her best friend Michelle and her husband Rick, wonderfully gracious hosts. The photo is taken in their kitchen.